Free STL Viewer - Features


This renderer is a full front-end technology, property of Dualbox.

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Current Features of the Renderer

  • Detection of Sharp Edges in STL
  • Normal Computation for smoothing
  • Raytracing Shadows
  • Single PBR Material (color, roughness, metalness)
  • 6 presets lighting environments
  • Custom Background Colors (incl. Transparency)
  • Model Rotation to face light
  • Download render at current screen resolution (w. alpha)

Next Features

Here are the features considered for next versions, if this tool is used and shared enough:

  • Multi-material
  • Support for pre-defined sharp edges
  • High Resolution Renders
  • Custom environments
  • Direct Lights (directional, point...)
  • Per Vertex Shadow baking
  • Custom Raytracing Resolution for shadows
  • Rotating Video Generation

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