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STL Viewer: A free renderer by Dualbox

STL Viewer is free, forever.

This tool is provided brought to you by Dualbox as a demonstrator of what you can do with the Dualbox Application Builder. Dualbox is a service designed to let you build and manage online product configurators, and other 3D tools, with visual programming.

Dualbox Visual Programming example

Visual programming doesn't require any previous knowledge about code, it's just a simple puzzle of logical thinking.

A free online Viewer

We also provide for free the Dualbox Viewer, an advanced 3D Viewer that you can install on your website. This tool let you customize environment, lights, and many other parameters to let your models shine as they should. Feel free to check it!

We wish you a nice 3D printing!

The Dualbox Team.

Model from The Printing Goes Ever On

ThePrintingGoesEverOn is one of the talented designers we like to work with. Check out his work here!